Robert impersonating Dean Martin

Circa 1998 to  Present


Robert Ensler has been in the Public Eye for two decades.

He's, repeatedly, been told he has a resemblance to Donald Trump.

Robert finally took the ‘plunge' in 2006 and decided to pursue his impersonation of "The Donald".

After spending hours studying the books, audio and video of Mr. Trump, and creating the "look" he was satisfied with, Robert came up with his recreation of one of the most powerful real estate 'moguls' in the world.

Beyond studying Mr. Trump’s insights into wealth and success, Robert has his own experiences.

Over the last 40+ years Robert has been a professional salesman.

Selling diamonds & fine jewelry to guns & gifts. Starting out as a Gift Shop Manager & Buyer, to a Publisher of a successful Coupon Book, he's also been

a Fast-Food Retailer, an Antique Lighting & Shade Retailer, and also a Real Estate Investor.

His on going eCommerce business and, of course, his current, multi-character impersonation business has continued to build Robert’s insights into wealth and success.
Robert does NOT do a CARICATURE of Donald J. Trump. 

Now that Mr. Trump has been elected to the Presidency of The United States,

Robert is ready to recreate President Trump as he really is....
“A Real-Life Portrayal of The Man, His Money, His Attitude, and His Presidency.”

Robert impersonating

Donald Trump 

Circa 2005 to Present


(Circa 1996)



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